Such is life

Írta: - 2010 november 1, Kategória: Zene | 2 hozzászólás

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Such is life, feelin,
Beautiful life, I see it
Im making changes now
Open up the door and I will be here
Im here

Seems like I, been waiting
held in time, Im acing
Im seeing clearly now
Wipe away the tears and I will be free
Im free

I feel, feel the beauty inside
I see worlds of tyranny outside
I hear, hear you crying my name
Im free

I feel
I see
I hear
Im free

Rank 1 – Such Is Life (Sunday Afternoon Rework)

2 hozzászólás

  1. helian

    2010. november 1.


  2. Ace

    2010. november 1.

    @helian: 🙂


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